and how he became a freak...

I first heard about Little Chris when I was learning about men who enlarge their genitals with large quantities of silicone.  It's an underground procedure that no doctor in the modern world would perform - at least not openly.  Most of the men who are interested in this unusual fetish go to Mexico for their injections, although many have found their own private sources in the U.S. and Europe.  Some even inject themselves.  The results are permanent.  Only major surgery can remove silicone after it's been injected directly into the body.

Little Chris's story is unique.  He's an introverted, soft-spoken man, who isn't a natural exhibitionist by any means.  Many years ago, he started dating a doctor named Jeff.  Dr. Jeff had injected himself with very small amounts of silicone - nothing that anyone would notice - but he did share his interest with Chris, including the fact that he was obtaining the silicone by stealing it from the hospital where he worked.

Chris was highly intrigued with the eccentric doctor, and their relationship quickly grew very close.  One day, Dr. Jeff asked Chris if he could inject his penis and scrotum with a small amount of silicone so that they could be "twins".  Reluctant, but also excited by the idea, Chris agreed to having a small amount injected.

They continued dating, and fell in love.  But there was a dark side associated with Jeff's love:  Unbeknownst to Chris, Jeff was a jealous, possessive man who essentially wanted to "own" Chris for the rest of his life.  He hated it when other men would even look at Chris.  His thoughts turned sinister:  If only he could do something to make Chris unattractive to others, he thought, Chris would never leave him.

Dr. Jeff had always wondered if it was possible to inject large amounts of silicone into the genitals, and what the effects would be.  The scientist in Jeff loved to experiment, however, he couldn't risk experimenting on himself in such an unconventional way.  But then there was Chris - innocent, naive, and vulnerable.

Jeff came up with a plan:  He would turn Chris into a silicone freak!  This would satisfy both his interest in medical experimentation and his desire to control Chris's life.

The next time they met, Jeff talked Chris into letting him inject "just a little more" silicone, a scenario that repeated itself every weekend for months.  Each time they met, Jeff would tell Chris that he "looked great", but that he would look even better with "just a little more" silicone.

In addition to fulfilling his craven desire to conduct bizarre medical experiments, Dr. Jeff was thrilled to see that he was moving Chris toward becoming even more isolated and uncomfortable in social situations.  This pattern continued for months until Dr. Jeff had finally achieved his sadistic dream:  He had successfully turned Chris into a freak - for life. 

Although Chris was now seriously uncomfortable with his physical predicament, he rationalized the situation by telling himself that he was emotionally happy with Jeff, and so their relationship continued.

Approximately one year later, tragedy struck:  Jeff suffered a major heart attack and died instantly.  Chris was traumatized.  He lost the one person who could fully understand him, but worse - he was stuck with monster-sized genitals that couldn't be hidden.  Chris never dated anyone again.

Today, Chris lives alone in a small, one-bedroom house.  I've talked with him about possibly having the silicone surgically removed, but I know it won't be easy for him, even if he can find a way to do it.  One challenge is simply finding a surgeon willing to take on such an unusual procedure, but then there are the potentially astronomical costs involved, and Chris is not a wealthy man, by any means.  I believe a bigger problem for Chris is his extreme introversion.  Even in his own house, he sometimes can hardly speak to other people.  I've known many who have attempted to reach out to Chris, only to give up in frustration over Chris's inability to connect with others.

I do hope to see Chris happy someday.  I've invited him to appear in other movies because I know he could use the money, but not surprisingly, he's said that he's not comfortable with that idea.  I totally understand.

If you see him walking (or waddling) down the streets of San Diego, be sure to say hello to him for me.  Believe me - you can't miss Little Chris.  People stare and point at him every time he walks out the door. 

The irony of Little Chris's story is incredible.  By enlarging Chris's genitals to circus-sized proportions, Dr. Jeff buried him even deeper in his social isolation, while at the same time, he ensured that Chris would forever attract attention from strangers in public - exactly the opposite of what he had in mind for his little friend.

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